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Childhood Memories 1929

“Our home was built at the edge of a grove that sheltered it on both sides and was a veritable forest of enchantment to us as children, giving us a wonderful playground where our childish imagination could revel unchecked. We made companions of the birds and squirrels, grew to know as no city child ever can the time of leafage and blossoming of the trees. Wild fruits and nuts were there in abundance and in the springtime the fragrance of the grove rivaled my mother’s garden. Our playhouse was built under the wide-spreading branches of the big hawthorn tree. Could any playhouse have a more alluring setting with the grove for a background and our outlook the meadow with its bloom of wild flowers and a road which curves and winds on its way to the house. The road was bordered by a luxuriant growth of wild roses and hazel, and crossed by a clear little brook beautiful in the sunshine ever luring our bare little bare feet to wade in its shallow depths. What wonders that home held for us, so near to nature’s heart, so far from temptation.”

Thorold POST, 1929

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