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Shedding the Ordinary

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

September 14, 2018
Once upon a time Alan built himself a shed. Yellow with brown trim it matched our almost 180 year old home which was once a Locktender’s abode during the Second Welland Canal years.
A couple of years ago he built me one too…
In the September issue of Gardening with Mark and Ben (Mark Cullen, Canada's Gardening Guru), they invited us to share a photo of our favourite part of our garden.
I submitted a picture of “My favorite part of my garden” . . . my SHED, created and built by my talented husband Alan Daniels.

I love It, not only because it’s an amazing addition to our garden, but also because it draws people in and lets them enjoy ALL the garden not just one or two pretty plants or bushes. By the time they walk to that little corner in the shade they can turn around and get the whole panorama of nature’s beauty.

Draws in the grandchildren too, always a plus!!!"
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