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90 Years and Still Growing Strong

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

Marilynn, Evan and Gibson Sawatsky
Marilynn knew that kids love to press on her balloon flowers once fully inflated and see and hear them pop open.
Next year the Thorold Garden Club will celebrate its 90th Anniversary.
The picture above is of Marilynn Burke one of our past directors demonstrating the gorgeous balloon flowers in her garden. This is just one of the roles society members have contributed to our community for the past 90 years.
To quote from the Thorold POST, Feb.14, 1929
"There was a large and enthusiastic attendance at the preliminary organization meeting for a local horticultural society at municipal Hall Friday evening last.
Thos. Flommerfelt acted as chairman and R.R. Flemming, agricultural dept. representative for Welland County, gave a brief address, setting forth the advantages of a horticultural society to a community, for home and civic beautification, and outlining the method of procedure for forming a new society."
This year we are planning exciting events to honour our past and highlight our continuing value to our community by the thousands of volunteer hours our members donate, to the interesting and topical speakers we bring each month to our City.
We hope you'll follow us here, on TWITTER, the OHA site and our Facebook page over the coming months. And please let us know if there is some particular subject, concern or issue you would like us to address. Input is always valued.
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