Building a pollinator habitat garden is one part blood, sweat and tears…well not a lot of blood, or tears, but you get the picture.

Maybe better described as one part good soil, good planning of colour and three-season choices of plants. A knowledge about what the various “pollinators” require for food, reproduction and over-wintering in your garden is also high on the list of “how to”.

Successful habitats are an art and the ‘artist’ who designed our little corner of nature is Kelly Masterson. We are extremely lucky to have someone who not only practices proper garden management but who is a greenhouse technician and avid apiarist.

We began with a garden that has been managed by the Thorold Horticulture Society on the library grounds. For many years our members have weeded, watered, planted and taken care of this garden. This year we expanded two patches into one and added soils, manure and fabric to ‘create’ a larger area. We then set about choosing which plants, colours and variety to provide a year round habitat attractive to and fostering an environment to attract pollinators.